Our principles

At Staffline, we place great importance on the role we play in helping to support local communities and the environment surrounding us.

We understand the importance of integrating our business values and operations to meet the expectations of our stakeholders. These include clients, employees, flexible workers, regulators, investors, suppliers, the community and the environment.

We recognise that our social, economic and environmental responsibilities to these stakeholders are integral to our business. We aim to demonstrate these responsibilities through our actions and within our corporate policies.

ESG Report

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Our Focus

  • We shall strive to improve our environmental performance by fostering and encouraging initiatives that reduce waste
  • We shall provide, and strive to maintain, a clean, healthy and safe working environment
  • We shall support and encourage our employees to help local community organisations and activities
  • We shall operate an equal opportunities policy for all present and potential future employees and flexible workers
  • We will offer our employees clear and fair terms of employment and provide resources to enable their continual development
  • We shall provide safeguards to ensure that all employees are treated with respect and without sexual, physical or mental harassment
  • We shall uphold the values of honesty, integrity and fairness on our relationships with stakeholders
  • We will ensure that flexible workers engaged by the company are not subject to exploitation and are provided with work opportunities in a healthy and safe working environment fully compliant with UK legislation.

The One Planet Strategy

The Group has implemented a detailed Environmental and Sustainability policy. In addition, work has now commenced with the development of a detailed strategy, entitled the One Planet Strategy. This will focus on the following areas to allow the Group to implement appropriate systems in order to reduce our overall carbon footprint:

  • Energy consumption
  • Waste
  • Travel
  • Sustainable materials

Regular audits will be carried out in order to source baseline data and SMART targets implemented which will demonstrate the Group’s ongoing environmental commitments.