Our strategy in the near-term is to create a sustainable business that can benefit from its existing resources and capitalise on the significant opportunity that exists within our target markets. Our strategy is underpinned by:

Operational excellence

  • Improve the financial position of the Group by:
    • Strengthening the balance sheet
    • Maximising profitability
    • Reducing debt and increase cash generation
    • Enhancing reporting processes
    • Streamlining and sharing services across the Group

Optimised service offering

  • Better understanding of our customers’ objectives
  • Secure opportunities with new customers
  • Increase market share in our key quality sectors
  • Operate with the highest standards of compliance

Leverage our brand

  • Unify existing brands within Recruitment divisions under ‘Staffline’
  • Build on the strength of the PeoplePlus brand in its chosen markets
  • Further leverage the Group’s brand equity
  • Drive synergies and opportunities across our Recruitment and PeoplePlus businesses

Develop and cultivate our talent

  • Bring together our people across divisions
  • Reduce organisational silos
  • Leverage the best in our people’s skills and experience across the Group